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Paper Lists  

The HKU injunction reimagined: Press freedom protection in confidentiality cases- Kristine Chan, LLB (Government and Laws), Class of 2017

The Paradox of Libel in Fiction- Ng Tse Pui, LLB, BA (Literary Studies), Class of 2016


The Application of Proportionality Test in Hong Kong Public Law- Hugo Lai, LLB, Class of 2016


Latecomer and Pioneer: The Prospect of Constructing a Fair Online Copyright Regime in Hong Kong by Transplanting the Notice and Takedown Mechanism from the United States- Ken Lau, Bachelor of Social Sciences (Government & Laws) 2013; Bachelor of Laws 2015

香港中英法律文本-仍待商榷的「同等真確」An Authentic Principle yet to be Authenticated: The Equal Legal Authenticity of Chinese and English Language in Hong Kong -Lau Kin Lok Ken, 劉健樂 Bachelor of Social Sciences (Government & Laws) 2013; Bachelor of Laws 2015


‘Fantasy v Reality: A Legal Review of Simulated Child Erotica in Manga and Electronic Games in Hong Kong’- Hilary Ko, LLB, Class of 2017


“No Artist is Ever Morbid”: How Far are Artistic Creations Protected under Current Hong Kong Laws?- Katherine Tong, LLB, BA (Literary Studies), Class of 2016


Hong Kong Court’s role in judicial review of legislative process: reassessing the Hong Kong jurisprudence and the relevance of the Israeli experience- Tim Wong, Juris Doctor, Class of 2016


Might we have a moral duty not to obey the law?- Brian Fan, LLB, Class of 2017


Does greater compliance with the Rule of Law make a Legal System better? - Brian Fan, LLB, Class of 2017


Is Civil Disobedience ever justified and still effective: Through the Lens of the Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong- Tommy Chan, BBA, LLB, Class of 2016


‘Co-Regulating Uber- why, and how, should we regulate?’- Gesche Hildorn, LLM, Class of 2016


Concretizing “progressive realization”- A new perspective on assessing the state fulfillment on economic and social rights obligations- Chan Shao Xiong Joseph, LLB Class of 2017

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