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Contributed Authors 

Kristine Chan, LLB (Government and Laws), Class of 2017


Ng Tse Pui, LLB, BA (Literary Studies), Class of 2016


Hugo Lai, LLB, Class of 2016


Ken Lau, Bachelor of Social Sciences (Government & Laws) 2013; Bachelor of Laws 2015


Hilary Ko, LLB, Class of 2017


Katherine Tong, LLB, BA (Literary Studies), Class of 2016


Tim Wong, Juris Doctor, Class of 2016


Brian Fan, LLB, Class of 2017


Tommy Chan, BBA, LLB, Class of 2016


Gesche Hildorn, LLM, Class of 2016


Chan Shao Xiong Joseph, LLB Class of 2017

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